Lunch with Emma {week 1}

Hellooooooooo! I’ve got to get back to posting my lazy bento lunches again. I made them several times a week last year, but I was overwhelmed with new school, two 1 & 3 year olds at home with me, and just getting it all done. So I didn’t take many photos, but I’ve started up again this year to keep myself moving forward with healthy lunches. I haven’t even put money into Emma’s school lunch account, yet – holding out as long as I can! ;-)

She is now in 2nd grade, so I don’t do quite as much “cute” stuff, but Lucy starts preschool 2 days next week, so you’ll get your fill of *cute* pretty soon!

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Veggie straws in jumbo silicone muffin cup, rolled up ham with animal picks, sliced cheese, dark chocolate cheerios and pineapple in an Easy Lunchboxes box.

local peaches [can't beat SC peaches!], dark chocolate cheerios, veggie straws, cheese and rolled up ham in humongous silicone cup in another Easy Lunchboxes box.

Spiderman cheezeits, Nutella sandwich using this cutter, cheerios and grapes in yet another Easy Lunchboxes box [they are a favorite this year, especially now that they have pink and purple!]

apple cinnamon straws in a jumbo muffin cup, Trader Joe’s cheese stick, almond butter star-shaped sandwich, dark chocolate cheerios and more peaches in a … you guessed it … Easy Lunchboxes box.

Trader Joe’s cheese stick, Pirate’s Booty in that gigantic muffin cup, rolled up ham with forest animal + trees picks, grapes and Hello Panda cookies in a … well, you know.

Trader Joe’s animal cookies, raisins in a little cherry food cup, kitty-shaped almond butter sandwich, and pineapple in a 2-tier pig bento box that we loooooooove so much.

I also post daily bento pictures on Instagram if you’re not following me there – I’m @kelihoskins.

What is your kids’s favorite kind of sandwich?

I Heart Faces | Make A Splash

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