random tuesday … errrr, wednesday

Sometimes, random is all I got. Today is one of those days.

First of all, those color presets I’ve been hinting about? They have been released!!

straight out of my camera:


and after Kellie Hatcher’s beautiful color presets:


I am telling you, folks, these are simply amazing if you are a fan of the more moody and film-like look to your images. Now, what I LOVE about these is what it does to the light … Kellie is one of the most amazing light-finding photographers I have ever seen, and she created these presets to showcase that type of work.

If you are looking for some fabulous clean editing presets, check out One Willow’s new Beautiful Things collection. Absolutely gorgeous. Her presets are always just the right amount of change … they enhance the beauty of the image without turning it into something else. Clean and pure and subtle.

straight out of my camera:


after One Willow’s Beautiful Things presets:

one willow beautiful things collage

There are a handful of beautiful black and white film presets included, as well:

film bw dip

Anyway, check these out if you get a chance!

We’ve been enjoying the cooler weather lately and embracing the cloudiness without complaining … because we are FINALLY spending time outside without needing sunscreen or hunting for shade.




Granted, we don’t have the sidewalk on our side of the street, so we’ve taken over our neighbor’s sidewalk [and sometimes … his yard] but he busted us the other evening … I think the cuteness of my girls won him over.

And sometimes, the girls have those days where I just know we need to take a walk.

















262 sept 19



I wanted to say more, but editing and putting together those pictures took way more time than I expected, and I have to get up in approximately 6 hours to run 4 miles. And by the time this posts, I’ll have already done it.

I’ll have more random stuff to say [and more pictures of neighbor front yard creeping] in future posts.

Who is with me on the weekly Pinterest challenge for this Friday? I’m … ummm … not quite finished with mine, yet, but I will be by then! [I hope]

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  1. Those pre sets are so beautful. I love, love, Love them. I love so many things about these pictures. The diaper cover. SHUT UP that is so cute. Emma’s kix in a bag. Emma’s face : ) The praying mantis? The baby feet. The park swings. The neighbor you won over. Of course. I hope you had a good run. Love, becky

  2. ~Shari says:

    Love those presets! But, then I love pretty much every preset evah!
    When I seen the photo of Lucy’s *bear* butt I had to giggle, because I
    seen those exact tights at The Gap Outlet! They were simply adorable.
    Now ,to see them on a real baby’s butt… oh my! Darling!!

    And – ONE more thing! I was amazed at the Park photos. I simply would have looked over
    some of those photos that you used had it been me. You made such a lovely story with your shots!
    Amazed and (a tad bit) jealous that I am not creative like you. I guess that is why I am
    enamored with your photography and story telling and stalk your blog every chance I get!

  3. angie says:

    just wanted to let you know that i really enjoyed today’s pictures!
    they were particularly great.
    that is all :)

  4. Christie says:

    Love. :)

  5. awwwwww. thank you. This was just the sweetest post to start my day with :-). Kellie & Jessica both have mega-preset-brilliance dripping from their pores. And your daughters (even in their melt-down moments) have adorableness dripping from every ounce of their being.

  6. K says:

    You are so talented.

  7. Robin T says:

    love love them all. glad I am not the only mom to take pics of my kids crying :-) I always feel just a teeny bit guilty about that!!! But THAT is life!!! Someday they will love them (or say mom why didn’t you just pick me the freak up??). My fave pic may be the last one.

  8. Lisa says:

    Snack cups! Gah! I thought that was the cure all to the car seat screaming. It lasted about 2 minutes. Until she figured out she could hold her finger in there and turn it upside down and they all dump out!

  9. I think the girls and I want to make some homeade play dough with a recipe from Pinterest, so we are IN>
    wish I could sew< i would do a challenge every day!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE these pix!
    my bday is in october, asking for these presets!
    do they work in PS CS5???!

  10. Katie says:

    Just wanted to say “Hello”! Super glad I found my way to your blog – lovely space, lovely photography. Happy Day!

  11. Tanya says:

    The presets are beautiful. I adore the bear tush shot. Love love love your blog and photography.

  12. p.s. had to come back and say LOVE the bear on the bum tights, GAP? my girls had a ton of those when they were little! LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that photo is awesome and makes me wish I had a photo like that somewhere of them! maybe I need to go see if I do. though I don’t and didn’t take HALF as great of photos as YOU!

  13. erika says:

    Now I want the One Willow ones. Damn you, Preset Pusher!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, as always. The one of Lu peeking through the hole in the yellow tunnel is my favorite.

    So, we are FINALLY getting Chris’s camera fixed, and he has a 50mm that I am determined to learn how to use. And then maybe someday buy Lightroom just so I can try those amazing presets. ;-)

  15. tracie says:

    Just bought the presets and I love them. Can you tell me which ones you used on these pictures? I am feeling like they do too much to my pictures were yours look just right. Thanks

    1. keli says:

      writing up a tutorial on this for you … will post on Saturday morning :)

  16. Sarah says:

    These are great. I just got the Kellie Hatcher presets and I agree with Tracie they look just right on yours but look too much for mine. help! :)

    1. keli says:

      writing up a tutorial on this … will post on Saturday morning for you! :)

  17. Debra says:

    Thx for sharing those photos Keli! I love every single one of them. :)

  18. Cameron says:

    Every time I read your posts I want to say the same things–I love you, I love your girls, I love the way you live and the way you capture your lives in photographs! This time I’ll also say thank you for posting all those presets, because I’m much more drawn to the One Willow presets… afternoon tea and promise make me SWOON! xoxo

  19. stacey says:

    I love random.

    And I suppose I’m going to have to get Lightroom now, aren’t I?

  20. kristin says:

    oh, i just love this collection of photos! and all those presets are AWESOME! that emma face is ridiculously cute! ; )

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