bring in da funk … take out the noise

Feeling kind of blah lately. I think I’m just in a funk with schedules. I use the term “schedules” lightly because we don’t really have a schedule at all, but I just feel like we do the same thing every day, day in and day out. I know this is a common issue, but it’s been weighing on me lately.

Wash laundry, feed kids, wipe table, dry laundry, load/unload dishes, wipe counters, fold laundry, feed kids, vacuum, clean toilets, feed kids, put away laundry, pick up toys, feed kids, pay bills, change diapers, feed kids.


And we’re also working through some napping issues … Lucy takes too many, and believe it or not, this is an issue. I KNOW! But it is creating some problems for all of us, and we’re gradually trying to transition her down to one long nap a day. We are also dealing with some typical 4-year old stuff with Emma, but it’s very very normal behavior that doesn’t need to be discussed.

I don’t want to complain, because I realize how very fortunate I am to be able to spend the entire day with my girls, but … I don’t know. I feel like we need to mix things up a bit. Do something different. Get out and explore other areas of interest. It’s really too bad I’m such a homebody.

Anyway, I finished one month of daily photos, and here are just a few of my favorites from January …


I noticed a common theme … eating. We do that a LOT around here, apparently.

Now, this is not a project 365. I didn’t even make it a month taking one photo a day, but I have been trying to post one photo a day, because many of the photos I take never make the front page of the blog if it doesn’t tie in with the current blog post. And clearly, I think I am ALL THAT and that you should see ALL of the pictures I take. Ha.

Also, if you’ve noticed my editing this year, I’ve tried to keep it a lot cleaner and less “vintage” or “cloudy” as it has been called before. Mostly because I printed out a lot of my photos from last year and wasn’t pleased with how they looked once I held them in my hands.


Yet another reason I’m glad I’m not a real photographer … I’ve changed my editing process a LOT just in the past couple of years, and I’d hate to see people paying for my experimentations. [Another reason to keep your edits clean and timeless.]

You might also notice that I’m having some soft/missed focus issues with my camera, and it’s driving me insane. I sent it in for repair last year after I dropped it in our driveway, but I don’t think it’ll ever be as clear as it once was. I don’t HAVE to have a new camera, so I’m just pushing this poor 50D as far as I can right now.


Okay, so this just turned into a post full of whining, but that wasn’t my intention. Things have just been a little meh around here lately, and that’s the honest truth. I am sure we will snap out of this funk very soon.


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  1. erika says:

    The bed photo almost makes me weep. I think January is just rough. I was blah the entire first half and slipped back in the last week. Here’s hoping that February is brighter.

  2. Hillary says:

    Kelly, I LIKE it when you complain because it makes me feel normal!! Hang in there mama- I hit a dark spot when I was pregnant this last time too. This to shall pass!!!

  3. I feel you. I think most stay-at-home mamas experience this here and there, and I’m sure those who work outside of the home do as well. It’s nice, though, when it’s actually put out there for people to see that it’s okay to not be perfect, have it all together, always be “on.” In life there are ups and downs, and that’s okay :) My kids have been sick for the past month (two of them ended up with bacterial pneumonia, and my sweet boy spent three nights in the hospital because of it). Because of this, we have been staying in and away from other germs that could be hard for their already-weak immune systems to fight off, and it just makes me very very tired. I’m praying for some sunshine to reach you to your very core, and that for myself as well :)

  4. Courtney says:

    ahh i am blah too, but its probably because i was sweating bullets last night with a 103 degree temp! It was painful. Anyway its always hard to find a happy medium with everything. Eisley is a one time long napper which I shouldnt complain but she will not fall asleep until like 230 which will than sleep till 5:30-6 and totally screws up bed time. People would think we are nuts for not liking her long naps but I prefer a structured bed for school!

    I love love love that last photo! and food is perfectly normal, we all do it….all the time!

  5. Andrea says:

    It’s hard to find a good balance with it all and not feel blah about it all. I feel the same way – home all day – making meals, laundry, a few emails here and there, dishes, PBS Kids over and over again… It’s just all so boring most of the time. And I try really hard to remind myself that I’m lucky I get to do this and be home.
    Interesting comment on your editing changes. I never would have thought too much about what a specific style might look like when printed. Something to keep in mind. I really just go for a simple, clean edit. I don’t know how to do much more than that. ;)

  6. Sarah says:

    Blah is normal. Being at home or not. Mom or not. I think it’s just something humans experience. This too shall pass. :) I love your photos still. And I’m glad I get to see them every day. I love looking at them.

  7. Jodie says:

    Oh yes The Funk! Me too…such a home body, such conflict. I get irritated sometimes that I have to get out to take my older kids to practice, but always happy once I’m out. Just wait your littles will grow up and out and so no more daily grind just hustle a bustle all of the time! i swear its either bored or too busy! Where is the happy medium! :)
    hang in there. Just think what did our moms do without internet to vent and as an outlet right from home…poor poor ladies! :)

  8. always beautiful
    cloudy and all
    i had photos printed and was so, so disappointed in my editing. my goal this year is to print more and edit less

  9. Darcy says:

    I think it’s january, everyone feels a little “stuck” in january. I’m hoping february will change everything. wishful thinking.

  10. Yep, January/February/March here in Indiana test my will to go on living.

    As does the being in the house with littles all day. It can be very Groundhog Day-ish.

  11. K says:

    I often experience the meh-routine-is-too-routine thing. And then I feel like such a boo-hoo baby for it all because I remember when I would’ve done ANYTHING for such a routine. So yeah.

    I hope Lucy took one helluva a nap for you today.

  12. stacey says:

    It’s okay to be real.

    And the sheet photo….. I think I’ve scrolled back up to see it like 10 times.

  13. I just prayed for a very special day for you soon : )
    We are having typical 12 year old issues at our house.
    Work is a little stressful.
    Life is stressful.
    What interview should I post tomorrow?
    Tofurious or an awesome Utah girl who takes lots of lovely images?
    You tell me.
    I can’t decide.

  14. Lea says:

    Hi there, I found your blog just recently and really enjoy it! I was drawn to it because your daughter has food allergies, and my 4 year old has several himself. And I really love your writing style and beautiful pictures. Anyway, I’ve been in a funk, too, so I can relate. I am also a stay at home mom of two, and I’ve been struggling with lots of sickness lately and being depleted and exhausted, and sometimes even the daily routine is just too much, and I get tired of all the things you mentioned! So it’s just good to hear I’m not the only one. Hopefully we’ll all be feeling less “funky” soon. :)

  15. Susan says:

    hehe. “too bad I’m such a homebody” … gosh do I resemble that!! hang in there, winter’s half gone!

  16. Tanya says:

    Kelli, this is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. I think I know why. I miss warm months when I could take the kids outside. Now it’s mostly inside since it’s been so cold and lots of homework and gets dark too soon. I can’t wait for spring and summer months.

  17. my 3 lenses are ALL “off” in focusing right now. and one can’t even be used.
    I have been using my iphone instead way more, only busting out my 5d (or the 30d or the 50d) here and there when
    I feel like having a camera in my hands.
    I have been in a total funk lately too.
    I think it’s the time of year?

  18. Becca says:

    I just love your beautiful photos. And I’m feeling a little weepy myself today. Perhaps because Caden is 6 months old tomorrow?! What?! How did that even happen?!

  19. Apple says:

    I usually feel like everyday is the same thing over and over. We don’t really have a routine, but our lack of routine becomes well….routine. You know? I think it’s b/c it’s winter time and we can’t go outside. I am also a homebody too so I don’t like to go places very often. I am just thinking it’s my hormones making me feel like this most of time. Hopefully it gets better soon…for both of us! :)

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