The Lazy Bento’er | Week 7

We had days and days of rain this week, so I had NO light for decent lunch pictures. And I also realize my aperture is way too open, so I will try to remember that for next week. ;)


snack: pretzels with laughing cow cheese and honeydew with animal picks in this box

lunch: pig ham sandwich [using the CuteZCute cutter set], Angry Birds graham crackers [neither kid likes these, bummer], letter cheese crackers and grapes with a leaf pick in this box


snack: Jell-O in a silicone cup [I poured it into the cup before it set and put it in fridge the night before] and watermelon in a box I found at Target. It has a built-in ice pack, which I used to make sure the Jell-O wouldn’t turn into liquid format.

lunch: Angry Birds graham crackers [I kept trying – she still doesn’t like them, haha], piece of Dove dark chocolate, pretzels, grapes and Minnie & Mickey mouse turkey sandwiches in this box

Wednesday – she bought a hot lunch


snack: half a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese and sliced pears with a heart pick in this box

lunch: raisins, laughing cow cheese and pretzels, green olives in cherry silicone cup with a leaf pick, leftover rotisserie chicken from supper the night before and crackers in this box


snack: grapes with leaf picks and cinnamon chex in this box

lunch: nutella frog sandwich [using the CuteZCute cutter set], green olives with leaf pick in pea-shaped silicone cup, letter cheese crackers and sliced apples [dipped in lemon juice to keep them from browning] packed in an Easy Lunchbox

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  1. kristin says:

    dude, i am ROCKIN’ the bento box style lunches thanks to you! it is WAY faster than using the millions of mini tupperware containers that i frantically search for the right lids for. it much neater, more pretty and totally rockin’ my world. no longer do i have such a hate on for lunches….although i still would trade this chore in for anything…even bathrooms! i tried the strawberry cream cheese on a bagel this week too and NO dice. dang! I thought i was going to nail it, but nah, the girls didn’t like it. olives! – great reminder! I know they both love olives!

  2. Olivia says:

    So, my question is, how do you come up with the kinds of food to put in these lunches? I guess I’m looking at this from the perspective of the mother of a very picky eater and the only thing I think she would eat is crackers, maybe a ham sandwich, and bread with jelly (no peanut butter). Is Emma just really open to different foods?

  3. Lorrie says:

    I am completely mesmerized. I wish I had the internet when my kids were little. The youngest of four kids is 17 now. :( One day I will make my grandkids soooo happy making these! The one great lunch memory my kids have is my St Patrick’s Day lunches. If I had time, I’d make my own green bread, but I sometimes ordered it made for me at the grocery bakery a few days prior and picked it up on the 16th. Everything in it was green. It was so fun! As they got older they claimed they were horrified. They talk about it so much, I know they weren’t. ;)

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