Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday!! We had a wonderful time with our families, and I think Henry had a pretty good first Christmas.







Happy New Year!!

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  1. K says:

    I can’t even believe how big Lucy and Henry are looking. Holy smokes.

  2. Rachel says:

    Merry Christmas dear friend xx

  3. Karli says:

    Oohh! This reminds me how much I miss your beautiful photos! (no pressure, seriously – lol! Look how often I post…. um never??!) Gorgeous kiddos, love the pics!! xoxo Happiest of New Years to you! :-)

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you! Such a precious family…

  5. kristin says:

    Happy Holidays to you too Keli! Such gorgeous kiddos you’ve got!

  6. Becca says:

    Your family is just the cutest – your kiddos are getting so big!! :-)

  7. Olivia says:

    Happy new year to you!

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