two thousand and thirteen

Do you make new year’s resolutions?


I know myself well enough to know that I won’t follow through on an actual “list of resolutions,” but I have a mental clump of “areas I want to improve upon” in the year 2013. One of these areas would be those mental clumps that never materialize into anything other than a mental clump.


I also have goals – physical, financial, photographic, mental – but nothing set in stone like “run 2013 miles in 2013.” [that’s like 6 miles a day, so hahahaHAHAHA. no.]


Whatever you are doing, whether it is making a list of resolutions or having goals or ignoring the fact that we started a new year, I wish you all the best in 2013.

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  1. kristin says:

    Nicely put Keli! gorgeous photos! All the best with your goals!

  2. Oh! You are my favorite : )
    I am trying to imagine running 6 miles a day. I want so badly to be a better exerciser.
    I love the idea that you have general goals and I wish big things for you as this new year is upon us Kel! Sending lots of love.

  3. I feel the same way. As soon as I write a list…I’m probably not going to follow through, unless it involves taking out the trash or something ;-) Happy New Year!

  4. Christine says:

    I never had any success with my resolutions until a few years ago when I started the “my one word” thing. I also think it helps to think of it in terms of making progress toward your goal instead of seeing it as a single destination you “arrive” at.

    BTW, any luck on the house selling front?

    1. keli says:

      I like that idea … I may just come up with a word for 2013. If anything, it’ll give me something to blog about ;)

      Nothing yet on the house selling. We have so many showings, but nothing seems to come of them. “small dining room” or “steep driveway” or “small kitchen” – stuff we can’t fix. Hoping for the right family soon!

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