Friday phone dump

I started this post yesterday [Friday], but then we had a busy day of errands and appointments and play dates and baked tilapia and and and …

So here’s my Friday phone dump on Saturday –



And while I’m sharing recent phone pictures, are you on Instagram? I don’t really get into hashtags all that much, but I started a hashtag this year called “lucy at the bus stop” — or #lucyatthebusstop. I take a picture of Lucy every time we walk to the bus stop. It’s not daily, because sometimes she falls asleep, and sometimes, we drive if it’s raining or too cold. But it’s one of my favorite series, and I’m excited to have it printed up as a book at the end of the school year.


If you’re on Instagram, and you’re not following me, I’m kelihoskins over there. You will see more of our daily life on IG than anywhere else.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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