Lunch with Emma and Lucy {week 2}


Lucy started preschool last week, so I am making 2 lunches for her in addition to Emma’s lunches.


Labor Day


Emma had almond butter sandwiches in transportation shapes in a large silicone tray, cheezeits, honeydew and dark chocolate cheerios packed in an Easy Lunchbox.
Photo Sep 02, 7 26 16 AM

Lucy had almond butter sandwiches in car shapes, cheezeits, grape tomatoes in a silicone food cup and honeydew packed in a two-tier lunch box.
Photo Sep 02, 7 38 38 AM


Emma had pepperoni in a large silicone baking cup, pretzel sticks, dark chocolate cheerios and watermelon decorated with bunny food picks and baran in a Good Lunch Box*.
Photo Sep 03, 7 09 07 AM


Emma had a mini bagel with cream cheese, cheezeits in a jumbo muffin cup, cantaloupe with an ice cream pick and chocolate chex cereal in an Easy Lunchbox.
Photo Sep 04, 7 14 28 AM

Lucy had a mini bagel with cream cheese and pretzel sticks in this box and strawberries and grapes in this divided box.
Photo Sep 04, 12 14 25 PM


I let Emma pick everything for this lunch, and she picked deli pepperoni, strawberries, cantaloupe and a Cascadian Farms chocolate chip granola bar in this fun divided lunchbox.
Photo Sep 05, 7 25 39 AM

*My one complaint with the Good Lunch Boxes has always been that the dividers didn’t meet the lid, so small food could spill from one section to another. I forgot about it, and all of Emma’s cheerios spilled into her watermelon and got soggy. Gross. But I ordered a few more, thinking I’d just put larger items in them, and they have re-designed them so that the dividers meet the lid! I still wouldn’t put liquid items like applesauce in them, but I think cheerios are safe again. I have a very very happy little girl!! The new patterns are absolutely adorable. If I’m not mistaken, the $6.99 ones on Amazon are the old design while the $7 ones are the new design. If you prefer the $6.99 patterns, they are still good boxes — you just need to stick with large, dry food items.

I’ve also been asked which box is my favorite – Easy Lunchboxes or Good Lunch Boxes, and I can honestly say it’s a draw. The Easy Lunchboxes are shallower, so I don’t feel like there’s a lot of wasted space whereas the Good Lunch Box is deeper, and I find that Emma’s food bounces around a lot more in them. If you were really trying to make cute lunches with eyeballs and shaped foods, the Good Lunch Box would probably be too “roomy” for you. BUT the designs on the Good Lunch Box lids are super kid-friendly, and they will pick those over the solid color lids on the Easy Lunchboxes. But if you are a parent who also packs a lunch for work or errands or whatever, then an Easy Lunchbox would be ideal for you.

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  1. Jesabes says:

    Do you pack ice packs? I’m trying to figure out how to do that. Right now my 5yo takes a traditional lunchbox with room for ice, but I have to pack several little tupperwares into it for all the items. I’d prefer bento-style boxes, but I’m not sure how to keep them cold. I don’t think an entire Easy Lunchbox or whatever would fit into her existing lunch bag.

    1. keli says:

      I do pack ice packs – I use these slim ice packs, and they work great.

      Emma and Lucy use either a Skip Hop lunch bag or any basic rectangle-shaped insulated bag from Target. If I use more than one box, I will try to keep all the cold items in one box so that I can sit that one right on top of the ice pack. But I figure that if I’m using an ice pack and an insulated lunch box, it will all stay cold until lunchtime.

      I’ll try to remember to take a picture of Emma’s lunch INSIDE her lunch box so you can see how it all fits. :)

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