Lunch with Emma and Lucy {week 10}

Halloween Bento Lunch - Kidnapped by Suburbia


The week of Halloween was absolutely crazy because Emma had Spirit Week at school, and every day was something different. And then Lucy had a parade and party at her school. And then, of course, Halloween itself was insane. So I was lucky to throw together a few lunches for the girls that week.

I did let Emma buy lunch on Monday due to little kid sickness in the house.


Emma had half a banana decorated with LaLaLoopsy stickers, celery with almond butter in a panda cup, pocket sandwiches with almond butter in a jumbo silicone cup and cinnamon apple straws packed in a Good Lunch Box.
lazy bentos Oct 28 Emma

Lucy had pocket sandwiches with homemade jelly, cinnamon apple straws, salami, and green grapes with an orange crayon pick packed in an Easy Lunchbox.
Lazy Bentos October 28 Lucy


Emma had celery sticks with almond butter in a bunny cup, cheerios, a bat-shaped nutella sandwich with candy eyes, and green grapes in silicone cups packed in Rubbermaid Lunch Blox.
lazy bentos October 28, 2014


Sadly, Lucy was sick and had to miss her whole Halloween costume parade and party at preschool.

Emma had veggie straws, an almond butter mummy sandwich with candy eyes, a ghost hard-boiled egg in a rectangle silicone cup, edamame and raisins with orange m&m’s packed in an Easy Lunchbox.
Halloween Bento Lunch - Kidnapped by Suburbia

As usual,


was pizza day!

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