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In my “I’m not making resolutions” post, I mentioned “growing as a photographer” as one of my goals for 2013.

And my sweet and talented photographer friend Gretchen sent me this Facebook message …

Hi Keli! Read your blog today about your goals for 2013. I was shocked to read “grow as a photographer”. Not that we don’t all have room to grow, but I’m really interested about how you want to grow. I feel like you are already so talented and creative and accomplished. I would love to hear more about your photography goals.

[posted with her permission]

I have to be honest, I kind of snorted and said, “oh my word, girl, you have no idea” when I read it, because OH MY WORD, GIRL, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I am so SO not where I want to be in my photography, and I still have so much to learn and so much to work on.


My number one photography goal in 2013 is to learn to work WITH light. I want to learn to see it and use it. We have amazing light in our house thanks to a lot of really big windows [and no window coverings, ha!] but I’d like to focus more on shadows and focused light.


I also really want to get back into capturing our everyday. I take loads of pictures with my phone, which is okay, but I need to get my “real” camera out and use it more often. I just really want to get back to the basics of photographing the moments in our house.


Editing is always something I need to work on – mostly getting images good enough SOOC to not need a lot of editing.


I also want to get outside more. I’m a super duper homebody, ESPECIALLY when it’s cold, and with all of the house selling business going on, I have literally been stuck inside, cleaning for about 4 months straight. But soon, we won’t have to worry about that, so I want to get back into a daily routine of playing outside and going for walks and taking my camera along for the ride.


Along those same lines, I NEED to get all three of my kids in one picture together. A good picture. A picture that I can print and hang and enjoy.

So … just a few things to keep me busy in 2013.

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