I Heart Faces | Everyday Life

Now, THIS is my kind of photo contest!! My whole life in photos is “Everyday Life” so I knew I just had to enter this month’s photo challenge. Both of the younger kids love blowing on the mist that comes out of our oil diffuser, and I just so happened to bust Lucy jumping in it this morning.


If you take pictures of your kids doing everyday things, this is the perfect month to join the challenge!

While we’re on the subject of I Heart Faces, I wanted to take a quick moment to explain why you haven’t been seeing me around there this year. After much thought and consideration and prayer, I decided to take this year off from being a member of the amazing Creative Team to focus on our family {namely, Emma’s epilepsy changes and issues}. Angie and Amy so graciously and without hesitation told me to take as much time as I needed. I miss being on the team, but I’m so thankful for social media so I can still keep up with everyone.

I Heart Faces | Pets

Since we lost our sweet dog Macey a few months ago, I was worried about not having a photo to share. And then this guy hung out with me on the beach for about 20 minutes one morning this past weekend. So I adopted him.

His name is Pete.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Pets

If you still have an actual pet or captured one at a session recently, don’t forget to enter this month’s challenge over at I Heart Faces!

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I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes

All of my kids have really good eyes. I mean, really good. But one thing that they all have that I wish I had were eyelashes. I mean, I have eyelashes, but they’re blonde. Light blonde. Basically nonexistent unless I put 4 layers of mascara on.

So when I saw this picture flash on the screen when I was uploading shots of Henry, I couldn’t resist using it as my entry for I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes.

I present Beautiful Eye{lashes} …