I Heart Faces | Pets

Since we lost our sweet dog Macey a few months ago, I was worried about not having a photo to share. And then this guy hung out with me on the beach for about 20 minutes one morning this past weekend. So I adopted him.

His name is Pete.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Pets

If you still have an actual pet or captured one at a session recently, don’t forget to enter this month’s challenge over at I Heart Faces!

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I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes

All of my kids have really good eyes. I mean, really good. But one thing that they all have that I wish I had were eyelashes. I mean, I have eyelashes, but they’re blonde. Light blonde. Basically nonexistent unless I put 4 layers of mascara on.

So when I saw this picture flash on the screen when I was uploading shots of Henry, I couldn’t resist using it as my entry for I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes.

I present Beautiful Eye{lashes} …