I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes

All of my kids have really good eyes. I mean, really good. But one thing that they all have that I wish I had were eyelashes. I mean, I have eyelashes, but they’re blonde. Light blonde. Basically nonexistent unless I put 4 layers of mascara on.

So when I saw this picture flash on the screen when I was uploading shots of Henry, I couldn’t resist using it as my entry for I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes.

I present Beautiful Eye{lashes} …


I Heart Faces | Make A Splash

Photo Jun 25, 11 41 47 AM

One of these days, I’m going to blog something other than my entries for I Heart Faces … but today is not that day. Today is my entry for I Heart Faces Make A Splash photo challenge! I had so many to choose from since we just got back from our beach vacation, but this [...]

I Heart Faces | Black & White


This girl spends many nights staying up far too late reading, but she’s READING … so who can say no to that? Don’t forget to enter this week’s I Heart Faces Photo Challenge!