Lunch with Emma and Lucy {week 5}


Henry is feeling better and FINALLY sleeping, so I had better luck with this week’s lunches. I also printed off lunch idea lists from two of my favorite bento’ers – Meet the Dubiens and Wendolonia – and then I asked Emma to circle the items she would like to take for lunch. I learned quite a bit! And this is also a good way to mix things up when you get bored.

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Emma had celery and almond butter in a cute little bunny cup, a mandarin orange, marshmallows in another cute bunny cup, ham in a jumbo silicone muffin cup and veggie straws packed in a Good Lunch Box.


Emma had ham in a silicone cup {with leftover cuts skewered on a long pick}, an apple burrito {sliced apples in a flour tortilla with cream cheese and a sprinkle of cinnamon + sugar} with a dolphin pick, goldfish crackers and edamame packed in an Easy Lunchbox.

Lucy had ham in a jumbo silicone muffin cup, an apple burrito with a penguin pick, cheerios, lettuce and grape tomatoes with ranch dressing in a cute panda cup with a seal pick packed in an Easy Lunchbox. She came home with the apple burrito, but ate every last piece of her mini-salad. That girl has the funniest palate!


Emma had an adorable teddy bear peanut butter sandwich, goldfish crackers, a mandarin orange, celery with peanut butter in a bunny cup, and popcorn packed in our new Rubbermaid Lunch Blox. Love these boxes!

— I decided that my phone pictures were really not working for the blog, so I decided to put forth the effort of taking pictures with my actual camera starting with Thursday’s lunch. I’ll try to keep phone pics to a minimum this year. —


Emma had little almond butter sandwiches in fun flower and heart shapes, goldfish crackers, a mandarin orange, granola with chocolate chips and raisins in rectangle silicone cups packed in our 2-tier froggy box.
lazybentos_September 25, 2014

Lucy had a field trip to the apple farm, so we had cheese toast and fresh apples for lunch.


Emma bought lunch at school. If she has a good week at school, it’s her one day to go crazy with cheese pizza and ice cream!!

Have a great weekend …

xo Keli

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