super hunky bento boxes

I know whenever I do bento posts, it seems that there are a lot of you who say that there aren’t enough BOY bento items out there. Well, I just placed an order for some new stuff to try to get us through the end of the school year without burning out, and I ordered two new boxes … partly because I like divided boxes, but partly because I will eventually have a boy who will need fun boxes, too.


Who, me?

Anyway, here are the two I purchased, and I love them already …


spider box – $6.99


robot box – $6.99

They have three sections – a nice big one for sandwiches + chips and two smaller ones for fruit and veggies and treats. A great size for big kids, too!


I also really love this little aluminum box — it’s a great size for maybe a sandwich and some fruit if you’re going to send a yogurt container or sandwich and goldfish crackers with a banana on the side. [We have the girly version of this box]

Currently, the site is having a huge sale on bento boxes, so if things are out of stock, just asked to be notified when it’s available – they restock often and sell out fast. Bento Box Sales

I purchased these items with my own affiliate money, and I am blogging about them solely for the purpose of telling you about them.

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