I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes

All of my kids have really good eyes. I mean, really good. But one thing that they all have that I wish I had were eyelashes. I mean, I have eyelashes, but they’re blonde. Light blonde. Basically nonexistent unless I put 4 layers of mascara on.

So when I saw this picture flash on the screen when I was uploading shots of Henry, I couldn’t resist using it as my entry for I Heart Faces | Beautiful Eyes.

I present Beautiful Eye{lashes} …


a walk with a boy


Sometimes, Henry and I sneak away while the girls are coloring on the driveway with chalk … And then sometimes, he gets really mad that I wouldn’t let him splash in the muddy water when it was cold outside. I am clearly the worst mom ever. All of these were edited in RadLab (which I [...]

I Heart Faces | Jump!


I couldn’t resist sharing this jumping moment between Henry and Emma … she bends down, he touches her face, she jumps up and says, “Whoa!” and he laughs and laughs. Best thing ever. Share your jumping photos this week at I Heart Faces …

oh, hi.


Should I just jump right in posting as if it hasn’t been over 3 months since I last blogged? Okay. Hi. [this picture was the last picture I took with my Canon in our old house] As you can tell from the pictures, we are all moved into our new house, and it is my [...]

so much to say, nothing to say


I have so much to talk about that it’s easier to just say nothing. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I just find myself boring myself. I guess what I’m trying to say that is that we’re in the middle of so many things, I would almost rather wait until it’s all [...]