snow days

We got a little bit of snow last week, and since we rarely get enough to play in, the kids loved it!!

Photo Jan 28, 3 48 01 PM

Well … Henry didn’t love all of it, but he got used to it eventually.

Photo Jan 29, 9 47 51 AM

The girls, on the other hand, played in it for hours and hours.

Photo Jan 29, 12 53 40 PM

Photo Jan 30, 9 47 37 AM

It took me a while to post these due to a sickness that knocked me on my tush this past weekend, but as I’m looking out the window at the blue skies and windy day, I almost miss the snow.


Photo Jan 30, 1 12 56 PM

Friday phone dump


I started this post yesterday [Friday], but then we had a busy day of errands and appointments and play dates and baked tilapia and and and … So here’s my Friday phone dump on Saturday – And while I’m sharing recent phone pictures, are you on Instagram? I don’t really get into hashtags all that [...]